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Did they kill The civilization series of games with Numuro bes ?

September 24 2010 at 11:12 PM

49ers bite  (Login Combat_Master)
The Redcoats (UK)

So childish now sad.gif and they've adopted turn by turn gameplay.. sooo suckage

On 12 June 1992, a Greek Mirage F-1C crashed during a dogfight with a Turkish F-16 piloted by Capt. Ilhan Filiz.

On 8 October 1996, a Greek Mirage-2000 piloted by Thanos Grivas shot down a Turkish F-16D with a Magic IR missile.

Just two days after that murder, on 10 October 1996 a Greek Mirage-2000 crashed close to Semadirek island after a dogfight with two Turkish F-16s.

Point of the story is: TUAF saved itself two missiles.

On May 23rd 2006, Two Greek F-16 fighters Scrambeled to intercept two Turkish F-16s that was escorting a Recon aircraft over the southern Aegean, After a short Mock-dogfight the Greek F-16 colided into the Turkish F-16. Turkish Pilot Lieutenant Halil Ibrahim Ă–zdemir Ejected safely while the Greek pilot Lieutenant Konstantinos Kakkavas died instantly.

On December 4th 2007, a Greek F-16C participated in a night exercise in the Sporades archipelago, the pilot Lieutenant Athanasios Batsaras lost orientation thinking he was gaining altitude instead flew his aircraft into the sea. Athanasios Batsaras body was found latter on by a Turkish frigate which responded to the emergency call.

Point of the story is: Greeks don't know how to Fly.

On June 3rd 2003, a Greek F-16 block 30 Piloted by Captain Theodoros Pliatsikas crashed when a Bird was sucked into the air intake causing Engine Failure. Captain Theodoros Pliatsikas however was lucky enough to Eject and survived the incident with minor injury.

On June 4th 2009, a single seater Greek F-16 block 50 crashed in Ioannina after the plane ingested a bird. The pilot managed to eject from the plane with minor injury.

Point of the story is: Birds 2 Greeks -2 F-16s

Pardus... For Freedom...

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 Re: Did they kill The civilization series of games with Numuro bes ?ayvazSep 26, 2010, 1:01 PM