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Walker debacle

December 18 2001 at 5:37 PM

Response to John Walker and WW2

No doubt, Mr. Walker will provide a field day for the media. I'm certain that finding an American among the Taliban was an idea not even considered.

If the government rules/decides against putting him in front of a military tribunal, the odds are very likely that he'll be released without incurring any penalties for his treasonous activities.

We'll also very likely be subjected to an OJ Simpson style media circus in which violation of personal rights will make inelligible most of the information he provided to the now-dead CIA agent that initially questioned him.

The fact that he actively sided with a combatant-force actively fighting against US Forces will become an annoying side item, instead of the focal issue which it is.

All the civil liberty fanatics will be quick to point of that society failed this young man and that it's irresponsible for us to hold him accountable for his actions at such a young age. After all, we didn't do anything to Hanoi Jane (Fonda). The point will be argued that this poor (upper middle class) youth was led astray by those teaching him about terrorist-style fundamentalism.

How was he, a mere then 18-year old, to know that beating women for the heinous crime of exposing an ankle or, god-forbid, having footwear that made noises was wrong??? Shame on us for thinking such things.

We would have been better off leaving him with all the other foreign national fighting for the Taliban. They'll all almost certain of being executed by the Afghani's or their respective hime countries.

My opinion is that he should be tried by a military court, convected and then drawn and quartered at ground zero.

Better yet, we should make him undergo a sex-change operation and then parachute him into some Taliban-like area so he can live on the rules and lifestyle he was so eager to apply to others.

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