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January 30 2002 at 1:28 PM

Response to Are you selling pinned mags seperately? (nt)

Unfortunately the mags I get are generally struck with a hammer or axe in the armys attempt to de-mill them. I can straighten the best of them out for the stens I refinish but for seperate sale it just isn't feasable to go to all this work for what is otherwise a $5-$10 magazine. I can supply bent mags with welded platforms if you are just looking to fill the pouches. These are available at reasonable cost in the US, although they would require pinning or welding before entry to Canada. A word of caution to anyone who thinks they can mail order this type of stuff (including sten parts kits etc..)accross the border; a friend recently tried to bring accross a Bren barrel to fill his barrel stowage bag and this netted him a visit from the RCMP and a customs officer. And yet you can buy the same thing form Marstar here in Canada without even an FAC/PAL/POL. After the 9/11 events they are getting even more diligant on this type of material.

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