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Airborne smock

April 19 2002 at 7:09 AM

Response to Airborne jacket

There is an annex in a recent Canadian military book called, "Eat Your Weakest Man" by Rui Amaral (ex MWO and as WO was CQ for 2 Cdo in Somalia), published in 2000(?) by Dundurn Press (?). The annex's author was the officer in charge of the design and introduction of the smock in the 1970's. As always, buy the book and support Canadian publishing.

As I recall the smock was almost a private purchase item by the troops out of canteen funds until someone at NDHQ learned of the project. The first plan was to use the same material as the combat jacket, but there wasn't enough fabric available. Instead the supplier had an overrun of British-like DPM from a contract for uniforms for Tanzania. The rest is history.


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