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Canadian Kilts,

August 29 2002 at 8:25 PM
Joe Sweeney 

Response to Kilt Manufacturers


Thanks for your replies.

I think this helps a bit with my perception of how Canadians received their Kilts.

In Canada it seems Kilts procurement depended upon unit. Majority of Kilts coming from Scotland, however individual units did have Kilt makers. Did not hear anyone state that Canada had a capacity to manufacture Kilts to supply the expeditionary force in large numbers. Seems likely that Britain supplied majority if not all Kilts to CEF units after arrival and especially in France.

The reference to Drab Kilts is not to the Apron. It specifically is found in the Priced Vocabulary 1915 section 33 "Special Articles Provide for War Service"

Its specification is that it be made of Drab Serge----same wool as used in SD Jackets. Some margin notes in the copy I have say issue for "Canadians". These were priced at 16s 6d, which is significantly cheaper than the 1 pound 3s 9d that a Kilt made from No 1-5 Tartans costs, but significantly more than the Apron.

I also have in my collection a Davidson Tartan Kilt with a crisp label remaining. Duncan, Smith & Co. Ltd. Glasgow 1917 made the Kilt. The label also states Kilt "Davidson" Canadian, has a sealed pattern number of 8418/1915, and British acceptance stamps.

Thanks again,


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