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Explains alot...

January 3 2003 at 9:38 PM
Michael Reintjes 

Response to I saw them too...

These answers explain alot......Like I said from 89- 93,I don,t ever remember seeing any of these around Wolseley Barracks,just iltis. It Is pretty stock,I guess,with 24 volt switch were the radio should be as well as a large radio tray on the rear driver side wheel well,not sure what set went in this, radio antennae mount behind rear tire,as well as lots of DND stickers ,do's and don,ts,and of course EVERYTHING painted OD green. Only had 29,000 Km when my cousin bought it and its just turning 90,000 now,so its in pretty good shape.It was real cheap so I was happy to get it for a fun vehicle for around town and in the bush. Top is getting a little rotten but I guess I,ll be screwed trying to find another OD green one for a YJ. Wouldn,t mind finding a whip ant. and an old radio for this vehicle.CBC might then rent it and cast it as a WW11 unit in its next highly accurate war drama.

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