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Current Tanzanian Uniforms

August 9 2004 at 6:42 AM
Mark Campbell 

Response to Experimental Canadian DPM


Funny you should ask. It would appear that the Tanzanians only wore the Canadian-manufactured uniform for a few years, before switching over to indigenous manufacture. Notwithstanding that however, they retained the Canadian design of the uniform - replete with the characteristic narrow, slanted chest pockets and the slotted buttons.

I have seen several examples of the Tanzanian-manufactured DPM uniform over the years, and all retained the distinctive Canadian pocket layout. The only difference appears to be that the buttons changed at some point, with the slotted Canadian style being replaced by small, "standard" buttons similar to those of the U.S. BDU uniform. There was a Tanzanian student on the MTEP ATOC-CA course at the CTC Tactics School where I work just a week ago, and his DPM uniform still showed an unmistakable Canadian influence some 25 years after the fact. It had the Canadian-style pocket layout, but the uniform was manufactured in a heavier material and featured small, "standard" buttons.



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