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Re: 6th LAA Regt RCA

December 13 2004 at 10:00 PM
Kevin Lambie 

Response to 6th LAA Regt RCA

From DW Falconer, 'Battery Flashes of WWII'

Mobilized to serve with 4 Cdn Inf Division on 5 Sept 41 with 1 (Ottawa), 30 (Toronto), 101 (Moosomin) and 112 (Lethbridge) LAA Btys. 30 and 112 Btys were originally Field Btys, mobilized as a LAA Btys.

4 Division converted to Armour in Jan 42, 8 LAA Regt to replace 6 LAA Regt in this formation. 6 LAA reorganized on 3 Btys and congregated in Petawawa in Feb 42. 101 LAA Bty moved to 8 LAA Regt.

Components of 6 LAA Regt in Esquimalt, Prince Rupert and Annette Island Alaska in first half of 42.

6 LAA Regt assembled at Petawawa in Sept 42, to Halifax in Oct , and departed for overseas aboard Queen Elizabeth 30 Oct 42, arriving Gourock, Scotland 5 Nov 42.

Initially at Colchester, Essex under 1 Cdn AA Bde and did duty on Air Defence of Great Britain (ADGB) sites. Came under command 2 Cdn Corps mid-Feb 43 as Corps LAA Regt. 'Visits to firing camps, training schemes, a trip to the Battle Training School in Wales and duty on the South coast of England kept the regiment occupied during 1943 as it readied itself for the invasion of the continent.'

Landed Normandy 9-11 July 44 and moved to Cairon. Crossed Orne R. 21 July 44. Regiment and 2 Cdn Corps under command 2 British Army at this time.

Under command 1 Cdn Army 31 July 44 and took part in fighting during breakout from Caen and closing of Falaise gap. Continued the struggle through Belgium, Holland and Germany.

112 Bty selected to operate rocket equipment, utilizing AA rockets in a counter-mortar role (Land Mattress). Instruction started 14 Oct 44. Rockets fired in Nov 44 in support of 52 (Lowland) Div near Flushing, Holland, and in support of 1 Polish Amd Div on 6 Nov 44 near Moerdijk, Holland. 112 Bty returned to 6 LAA Regt end Nov 44. 30 Bty also trained and manned the rocket launchers of 1 Rocket Bty RCA in Jan 45, returning to AA role for drive into Germany.

Disbanded effective 24 June 45.

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