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Angry hero's war medals go on block

January 11 2005 at 6:48 AM


Angry hero's war medals go on block


UPDATED AT 8:40 AM EST Tuesday, Jan 11, 2005

MONTREAL -- Dollard Ménard was once the country's most famous French-speaking soldier, lionized as a hero after he continued to direct his men despite being wounded five times during the bloody 1942 raid on Dieppe.

Now, eight years after Brigadier-General Ménard's death, his youngest son is auctioning off his father's medals, saying he is frustrated with his attempts to sell them to federal and provincial officials.

The medals and other possessions go on the block at Empire Auctions in Montreal Jan 23-27.

Brig.-Gen. Ménard held, among other awards, the Distinguished Service Order, the French Legion of Honour and the United Nations Bronze Medal for Peacekeeping.

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