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Uhren Sammlers Armee

February 22 2005 at 1:02 AM
Rob van Meel 

Response to Scrounging in Italy

An elderly German that I spoke to some years back, referred to the US Army as the watch collectors Armee (Uhren Sammlers Armee), based on his experience that no watches were safe from US soldiers. It would not have been very different in the front sectors of the Canadians or British, I guess.
After the liberation by the British and Canadians rape and other crimes shot up in the Netherlands, compared to the level during the German occupation. At least that is a wide spread story, but I have not looked into getting historical proof for this statements.
On liberating items, I have read somewhere about a 'Platte Buis', a sort of kitchen stove, that got aken into the dug out to keep the Scottish soldiers warm (they belonged to 15 div).
On the other hand two years ago I missed out on a complete and working Wireless Station no. 22. The grand children of a local man who had just passed away were clearing the house and a friend of mine, who only (up to then) collected US radio equipment, was given this with the story that in the winter of 1944, whilst some troops were put up in his house and barn, on noticing that the Germans took his radio, they simply gave theirs! Can't comment if it was any use to these civilians.


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