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Height and Chest/Waist

June 14 2005 at 10:18 PM
Jason G 

Response to sizing on modern cdn military clothing

If you're talking about current issue kit, a 4 digit number is used, incorporating height and chest or waist size in inches. For example, a piece of gear designed for someone approxiamtely 5'8" with a 40 inch chest would be labelled 7040. Gear for someone around 6' and a 46 inch chest would be 7346. Pant sizes use height and waist size, such at 6834, 7036, etc. These sizes apply to everything from pants and tunics to combat and flight gear. Shirt sizes are still issued using neck and arm length, such as 16/34 (16" neck, 34" arm).

The sizes change depending on who has the contract. For example, flight suits used to come in even sizes, such as 6838, 7040, 7042, etc. Then the sizes changed to numbers like 7345. With the new OD nomex flight gear, the size range is much wider with fewer increments. You can get 7344 or 7348, but not 7346.

Gone are the days of "Size 13", leaving it up to the individual to figure out what height/chest combo Size 13 would fit.


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