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older sizes

June 15 2005 at 8:06 AM
rob L 

Response to Height and Chest/Waist

The older sizes kind of worked in threes. I'm assuming these were the ones you are talking about. When it comes to size 1,2 and 3, they were for a short person skinny, regular , and rotund in that order. Sizes 4,5,and 6 wrere for a medium height skinny, regular and rotund, and sizes 7,8 and 9 were for normal height, skinny, regular and rotund. The sizes following were similar, although I believe there were 4 variatoins (went up to size 13) because of the variations once you got up to the taller people.

Until the sizes were learned, it was always confusing when a guy found that the size 7 and 8 coveralls were actually smaller on him than the size 6 which was cutting into his crotch.

The current cadpat is using the "inches" combination such as 7044 which means 5'10" tall with a 44 chest. I seem to recall there had been attempts at going to metric measurements, but noone over the age of 35 could understand what the heck they translated to.

I have used the word rotund here because one should no longer say "oh, you need a size short fat coverall"; that can get you a harrassment allegation these days.

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