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great points

December 16 2005 at 2:01 PM
Chad Heckle 

Response to Re: Alter the construction of the badges

These are all great points. I just didn't want people to think that I was trying to make a quick buck. The molds are in my possession as I pay for the molding and the molds are sent back to me. I should be able to actually cut the word reproduction in the actuall mold. As far as the backs go, it would be way easier to put an incorrect backing on them, I didn't think about that, because I have come form the U.S. side of reenacting where all the "stitch Nazis" always yell at you when your pin backing is "non-period" It is also cheaper for a modern backing. Ill will defenately look into all these possibilties.
THanks guys!

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