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Albermarle Exit

April 18 2006 at 7:16 AM
alex Itenson 

Response to The answers to these, and many other questions...

Gary, are you sure that the jumpers exited the Albermarle head-first?

Wartime photographs show jumpers exiting feet-first from a sitting position on the fuselage floor.

Having personally exited aircraft, helicopters and a balloon both head-first and from a sitting position at the door, it's difficult for me to picture a jumper transitioning from an aft facing, sitting position on the floor to a head first exit through a circular port also located on the floor of the aircraft.

When we jumped the balloon with the Parachute Regiment school in Abingdon, exits from the tethered baloon (600 ft) were made from a sitting or standing position feet first through the hatch or door.

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