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June 15 2006 at 3:06 PM
Roger Lucy 

Response to You're joking

The Panther had a turret ring of 165 cm. I suspect the aperture in the foreground is not the turret ring of the Pantherturm, but the commander's hatch. Most Pantherturm did not have cupolas but rather a flat hatch with a rotating periscope. Most were destroyed by a side penetration of the turret wall (75mm and 6-pdr tank guns could not pentrate them frontally), which according to a DRAC Mediterrean theatre report, almost invariabley caused an ammunition explosion - hence the dismounted turrets - in this case the roof has apprantly been blown completely off. The DRAC report noted that it cost an average 8 Churchills or Shermans to eliminate a Pantherturm

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