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PaK 40

June 26 2006 at 10:40 PM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Penetration of Panther turrets

The battle report is not referring to the frontal penetration of the Panther turret. It reports on the Panther turret side, and then talks about 75mm anti-tank guns, presumably the double shield on the PaK 40. The turret front on a Panther, with its thick rounded mantlet, was notoriously difficult for Allied AP weapons to penetrate. Radley-Walters mentions in the Valour and the Horror TV series that the trick was to use the shot trap on the Panther - bounce solid shot off the underside of the mantlet, to go through the thin armour over the driver's head. According to Andrew Wilson ("Flamethrower") that probably didn't happen too much...

"It is interesting to note that both the Churchill 6-pounder and Sherman 75 mm. easily penetrated the Panther turret and that the Besa not only penetrated the two shields of the 75 mm. anti-tank gun but also killed the crew."

This is the exact quote from your battle report. Note that it does not specifically say the Panther turret was pentrated frontally, but changes the subject in the second sentence to talk about the 75mm ATG - the "two shields" refers to the double-shield on the PaK 40.

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