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How do I find information???????

November 5 2006 at 10:23 PM
corinne -lynn mobbs 

I am tring to find information about my father in law and his time in the services.I want to create a photo/writen album for him and his children as a christmas surprise.At 86 yrs of age ,the man can not get another ceramic figurine.
My problem falls in 2 areas ,the first being that since this is a christmas surprise i cannot ask any of my family members for direct information,my second problem is I have no idea how to begin such a search.I do have some info that I did get off the back of a picture,but I am not really sure what it exactly means even.Any sort of direction ,suggestion ,information of any kind would very much be appericiate.I am hoping that what I do create will be the start of something that will be pasted down and will show honour and remembrance to a wonderful man.The information I do have is as such...William Braumberger D.O.B Nov 15 1920
Enlisted july26 1940 till nov 22 1945
United Kingdom and Continental Europe
These numbers were also on the back of his service photo L35037 60/76 Feild Battery R.C.A. The only other information I do know is that he was a gunner.Thanks in advice..God bless you...Marci

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