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Re: How do I find information???????

November 6 2006 at 12:53 PM
Kevin Lambie 

Response to How do I find information???????

I hope not to put a damper on your project, but would suggest that you will have trouble in pursuing his personnel record in the time you have available. Requests typically take months. As he is still alive, access to his file is also restricted without his permission (if I remember the rules correctly).

It will be more expensive, but you may wish to consider hiring a researcher in Ottawa who knows military records and who can give you a better idea of what will be available (about him personally and about his unit) and who you can bounce some of your ideas off of. I believe a short list of researchers is listed somewhere on that collectionscanada site, but perhaps some here who have experience in researching medals or the like can make a suggestion.

A post with the above information on the Maple Leaf Up forums may also elicit some help. There is lots of overlap in audiences, but you may uncover a few additional ideas.

Unless someone beats me to it, I can look for basic info on that Battery later today and see if that leads to some information on his unit.

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