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60/76 Field Battery, 17 Field Regiment

November 6 2006 at 8:19 PM
Kevin Lambie 

Response to How do I find information???????

Here's a very basic outline of the service of these batteries. This should give you some ideas of larger formations to research. That will be less specific information to be sure, but should provide a reasonable overview of his service. The information below is for the 60th Bty.

The 60/76 Field Battery mobilized 24 May 1940 as part of 17 Field Regiment. The 60th was raised in Aneroid, SK, the 76th in Indian Head, SK. They were initially part of 4th Canadian Infantry Division.

The two Bty's regained their individual identities effective 1 Jan 1941, both remaining with 17 Fd. They became part of 5th Canadian Armoured Division (initially identified as 1 Canadian Armoured Division) in Feb 1941.

Departed for overseas 13 Nov 1941 on the Oronsay. Disembarked at Liverpool, England 23 Nov 1941.

Departed Liverpool 27 Oct 1943 on transfer of 5 Cdn Amd Div to the Mediterranean Theatre, on Operation 'Timberwolf'. Disembarked at Naples, Italy 8 Nov 1943.

First action 17 Jan 1944 in the Ortona Sector. Served with 5 Cdn Amd Div and 1 Canadian Corps in Italy until early 1945.

Departed Italy via Leghorn between 22 to 26 Feb 1945. Regiment reassembled at Marseilles, France 1 Mar 1945.

First action 29 March 1945 on the 'Island' between Nijmegan and Arnhem, Holland and served in Holland until the cessation of hostilities.

Bty disbanded 29 Nov 1945.

All of this information is identical for 76 Fd Bty, with the exception of the first action in the Italian theatre, which was 13 Jan 1944 for 76 Fd Bty.

All of the above information from 'Battery Flashes' by DW Falconer.

You may wish to consider additional research on the history of 17 Field Regt and 5 Cdn Amd Div. While it's probably possible to identify slight differences in activities for the 60th and 76th By's, it appears they were largely similar. After enlisting with 60/76 Bty, you can see if there is any indication of which of the individual Bty's he might have ended up with.

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