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Fake PPCLI Marguerite Cap Badges?

November 14 2006 at 4:47 PM
Steve Forth 

I recently sold a brass WW1 PPCLI Marguerite cap badge to a fellow ex-Patricia and was rather surprised to hear him say that he felt that it is a fake badge because of something to do with the copper lugs (which look perfectly normal to me). I am not aware of any fake Marguerite badges but I am familiar with the copies produced by the regiment several years ago but they have pins on the reverse and not lugs. Although I don't have one of these copies to compare to, I am quite confident that this is not one of those. Has anyone encountered a fake WW1 PPCLI cap badge?

Also, I have another Marguerite that has a vertical pin for attachment rather than lugs. The pin is original to the badge and I have been told that this is an authentic variation and may have been used as an officer's collar badge. Can someone provide more information on this variation?

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