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You are incorrect, though - they include emblazoned and non

January 29 2007 at 10:33 AM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Two categories of Battle Honours

The 7 honours listed for the 14th Canadian Hussars include one that is not emblazoned. In short, seven total.

This is reflected by Corps and Regiments, in which 6 of the 7 are in bold type, as well as at, which also bolds those "emblazoned" battle honours.

I am well aware of the distinction between emblazoned and non-emblazoned battle honours.  That is clearly not the case here.

And still begs the question - where do the 14th Canadian Hussars' battle honours come from, and why?  Seven honours, 6 emblazoned.  I thought the maximum number for display was 10, so why leave one of the seven off the regimental guidon?  I realize 10 is the maximum and that if you really wanted, you could display less than 10. Why would you want to, though?

I wonder if this isn't a clerical error.  From my website:

"In the 1990s, a staff officer at the Directorate of History and Heritage discovered that the Lincoln and Welland Regiment was entitled to two previously overlooked Battle Honours because no one had noticed the official list had been printed on both sides of the same piece of paper. The honours KUSTEN CANAL and BAD ZWISCHENAHN (the last two, chronologically, and typed on the reverse side of the official list) had been granted in 1951 but not recognized due to this oversight until 1995."

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Incidentally, this is the definition of "emblazoned" on my website - 

If I am in error, I'd appreciate any corrections.

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