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They saw something that was wrong?

March 22 2007 at 6:30 AM
George Quigley 

Response to Developments

From the article - "Quite elated is the appropriate phrase," said Sanderson, who purchased the medal to keep it out of a private collection. "We saw something that was wrong and we had a chance to make right."

Be afraid, be very afraid. As we have all seen, these "heroes" are receiving a lot of press for their "rescue" of medals from the hands of us low life collectors. Their quick action, in their words, was to prevent this medal from going into a private collection. They certainly achieved that. The artificial inflation of the value because of the hype will probably keep many medals out of collectors hands because it will soon appear to anyone who has grampa's mutt and jeff that they will be able to pay off their mortgage with the proceeds of a sale.

Of course I agree that medals deserve their place in history, but if Mr. Thompson is such an expert, who has so carefully researched and tracked down these treasures, he must know that if it was not for collectors there would be very few medals around to "save". I cringe every time someone mentions the medals that were melted down for their silver, and how the accompanying medals, made from less valuable metals, either ended up in a junk box or literally in the trash.

I don't know what can be done to stop this menace. Maybe the controversy that seems to be brewing over this medal will cool his enthusiasm a bit. Between this guy and that do-gooder MP fighting to make medal sales illegal, I think we all have a reason to be nervous.

Maybe one of our respected medal collectors from this forum should go after some press, at least with a letter to the editor of the various papers that have sung the praises of Mr. Thompson?!?

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