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Currie and Breech covers

April 1 2007 at 6:22 PM
Joe Sweeney 

Response to Currie?

It would be interesting to find-out if the inspiration for the design was Currie's or Canadian?

The need was recognized by the BEF very early. On 1 Nov 1914 GRO's were issued by GHQ BEF warning to keep actions clean and clear and by Jan 1915 the BEF was authorizing Commanders to local purchase covers made of preferrably waterproof material not to exceed 1 franc in cost.

I tend to think that the mentioning of the Ross in the LoC was in line with the recognotion that it along with the SMLE, MLE and CLE were all in front line service by the time the LoC was issued.

Joe Sweeney

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