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June 12 2007 at 7:23 PM

Response to KOSB

anyone have a picture of said swatch? as for the canadian in the 21st i cant find the paper i printed out so i could have proof if asked why i badges like this.......thats why i want to change to the KOSB...there were a few who served with them. and i was mistaken about the 21st so i will change it asap...taken from the following site..

- The King's Own Scottish Borderers 7th Battalion-1st Airborne Division

ROH-169 Lieutenant Albert E. Kipping K/A 18-9-44
ROH-477 Lieutenant Albert E. F. Wayte D/W 20-9-44
237 Lieutenant James M. Buchanan [2nd posting of 2]
136 Lieutenant Donald A. Cameron
608 Lieutenant Clarence V. Campbell
609 Lieutenant (Major) Erskine E. R. E. Carter
613 Lieutenant Lionel W. Charman
254 Captain Lloyd G. Greene [2nd posting of 2]
459 Major (Lt-Col) Donald R Hartt [3rd posting of 3]
460 Lieutenant Harold A. Hayes [1st posting of 2]
482 Lieutenant Lawrence Kane
167 Lieutenant (Captain) Martin L. Kaufman, C.D.
216 Lieutenant (Major) William C. Keslick [2nd posting of 2]
177 Lieutenant (Captain) G. Smith Macdonald
638 Captain (Major) Joseph D. Mackintosh
309 Captain Ernest H. McMillan
116 Major Herrick H. Malloy, C.D.
176 Lieutenant Peter B. Mason
465 Captain James F. McCourt
30 Captain Desmond H. Morris [2nd posting of 2]
643 Captain Philip W. P. Newton, C.D.
181 Captain J. L. Fern Nobert [2nd posting of 2]
193 Lieutenant (Captain) Robert Robertson [2nd posting of 2]
489 Lieutenant (Major) James W. Taylor, C.D.

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