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Why not?

July 11 2007 at 11:46 AM
AJ Lockard 

Response to Why list?

If some sucker is willing to spend 50 (or better, 500) bucks speculating that it is what Mr. Hiorth "thinks" it is based on a book he read in his basement, I'd say go for it. Buyer beware. Personally, the more times the idiots with too much money in their pockets bet burned, the better for the lower-end collectors who can only stand off to the side while Moneybags One and Moneybags Two duel it out on ebay driving up the prices of previously attainable items like CANADA flashes, KC cap badges and 37 web which are now becoming "collectors items" and fetching ridiculous prices.

Let the idiots pay through the nose. I'm only sorry he didn't list it as Montreal Airborne instead.

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