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good point

July 25 2007 at 10:19 PM
Michael Reintjes 

Response to I respect your opinion but???

...Yeah my post reads a little muddled....the point I was trying to make is most of the public including this soldier's son, care less about these artifacts than they do about who won American Idol.If they are to be sold,(and to clarify,I support their right to do so)I hope they are sold to interested people(collectors)and not legislated into giving them or selling them to a govt or museum under the pretense that the public gives a rats arse in general.Obviously I don't need to tell you about the sad state of things in basements of museums or the shoddy and ignorant stewardship of these artifacts in some institutions.Yes,you are right,Canadian Museums continue to employ the wrong people in a lot of cases.
I,m not damning this fellow for selling his medals,just using him as an example that if these artifacts are not important to him,then they are probably not important to many others....I hope the right person gets them and tells this soldiers story through research and display as I and many others do in this great hobby.

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