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August 27 2007 at 10:50 AM
Ed Storey 

Response to Current stuff

Steve, you just said about German WWII colelctors, "They don't know everything either but the knowledge base seems to be broader. At least that's my perception." In other words with the German collectors, more people don't know everything?

I don't think many collectors really care about who made what and how much it cost and how many were used. Most just seem to what to own the item and leave it at that. Rumour and speculation run wild with collecting militaria and unless you have actually owned or handled many different examples or have the resource material to research the answers, finding the key to some of the minutia can be difficult or downright impossible.

The G.S. Shovel question is a good example. Why both 'D' and 'T' Handle Shovels and were they manufactured in Canada? What were their applications is key as everything was manufactured for a reason just finding the reason can be difficult. Of course to add to the fun, there are different types of 'D' and 'T' Handle shovels.

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