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Bomber Command

August 30 2007 at 8:14 AM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Strawmen

OK maybe that was too strong. However the facts are the facts. To contest proven facts is just silly and a waste of time. Obviously this topic is too big to debate here because someone would have to write an entire history. To say the WM did their research is BS. I think there are a lot of, the war museum can do no wrong people, on this forum. I criticize what I know is a problem. There are a lot of great displays at the WM however there are some that are severely lacking.

My personal opinion is that the BC display was put together, like many others, in haste. They probably pulled a couple of books from their library, some of the more recent likely being those that do contest the value of BC. They went straight for contesting and did not bother to look into whether those contesting BC actually had a sound basis for their criticism. It is obvious they do not.

As I said before, every part of Canadian WW 2 history can be contested. The best thing to do is simply stay away from such statements in museums. Whether someone feels it was worth it or not, or immoral, let them come to whatever conclusion by presenting the visitor with the facts.

If you listed the facts as recorded in many well written volumes on the subject, then I am sure this so-called controversy will be no more. I thought I already provided you with one monumental achievement of BC/USAAF.

The problem with the quotes in question are that they imply that the bomber effort killed a lot of civilians and accomplished hardly anything. That simply is not true and therefore it is an error.

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