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Response To Museum Labels

September 11 2007 at 11:17 PM

Response to Museum Labels

I absolutely have to agree with Ken regarding the necessity to ensure that museums have hired competent and knowledgeable curators to look after and display the artefacts that have been entrusted to them. I have had a very bad experience with a curator at the new Petawawa museum, I wrote to Ken expressing my desire to arrange, upon my death, the donation of my extensive FSSF collection to this museum . I have in my collection every insignia, patch, uniform, etc. that was issued to the FSSF, including a complete set of combat clothing that is named to a specific Forcemen.

Ken was kind enough to forward my email to a female curator who was looking after the FSSF display, and she answered my email by stating that she would be interested in some of the items in my collection, but she had enough of some of the other items. I couldn't believe my eyes, here I was offering this museum one of the most extensive and complete FSSF collections that I know off, but she had the nerve to ask only for specific items such as an overseas cap, jump oval etc. I got the distinct impression that she was looking for missing pieces to complete a put together display, yet here I was offering a named and complete FSSF set of combat and dress clothing.

From her response to my offer and her request for specific items I have no doubt that some of the displays in that museum are more than likely pieced together and will no doubt be incorrectly labelled. Needless to say it will be a frosty day in hell before I ever donate any of my collection to that museum. As Ken said, this is an obvious case of a lack of knowledge, interest and desire to do a proper job by an uninterested or uniformed curator. It's all well and good to donate items to a national museum, but it is imperative to check the credentials of the curator to whom you have entrusted your valuable collection

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