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Tailoring variations to Brit WWII SD

November 14 2007 at 9:01 AM
Keith Matthews 

Response to Ed, Doug, Alex

Given that BD was the prescribed Officer's dress there is a lot of SD around. In the collection of British Army stuff here in York (England) we have around eleven men's sets. All are privately tailored. Variations are:

Colour - varies from dark 'white coffee' through the khakis to distinctly green.

Lower Pockets - most have lower patch pockets (most gusseted, some not), a couple have externally flapped, internal pockets, one has these angled at about 35 degrees

Top Pocket pleats - most have vertically pleated top pockets, some not.

Top Pocket flaps - some are three pointed some straight.

Lapels - some are understated others flamboyantly pointy

Skirts - most IIWW examples are close fitting not voluminous as in IWW

Trousers - one pair has tailored turn-ups!

A Canadian Officer in the UK could have ended up with any of these.

Brayley and Ingram's "The World War II Tommy" has photos of surviving examples of most of these variants.

I trust this helps


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