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January 4 2008 at 12:22 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Perspective

Hi Dave

No offence, I guess we all just have our different way of looking at this. Personally, I think the kit bag has more value if it was kept with his uniforms or other more recognizable items like that. On it's own, it is just sort of odd. Obviously someone may see that sort of value in it as you and Konrad pointed out, I just dont agree.

I managed to acquire some documents from Frederick and personal letters as well as some small items. I also have a resume made and signed by Frederick recounting the career of the Canadian Commanding Officer of the Force. This helped Akehurst get his job as CO of the Algonquin Regiment. I would never sell these. A friend in the US bought all his award documents from the family. This includes Bronze Star, Silver Star, MSC, etc etc. However I do not think he put out that kind of cash for the documents. In my opinion these should have gone to the Smithsonian.

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