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Whippet tank

January 20 2008 at 5:55 AM
James Pringle 

Response to WW1 Tank

There was a WW1 Whippet tank on outside display that was taken in a "restored". Where it resides now I do not know. I am in with Ed and others, permanent outdoors display it a super bad idea, full stop. Now correct me if I am wrong but did they not build a little driving course on the grassed area for vehicle displays/drives? If the Canadian Aviation Museum gets a full house attendance on their "fly days" I am sure if you have some armour rolling around the track this would bring in a crowd. To me a nicely painted up vehicle sitting in a gallery is "nice" but a rolling, moving vehicle is very much alive and way more dynamic.
Is the LB gallery better then the old Vimy house? No. Yes its got better climate controls to preserve the vehicles but its still packed with to much stuff, lacks signage and generally looks like.....Vimy house. Anyways I do hope the CWM has a plan to make the gallery into something other then a parking lot for old trucks, guns and tanks then the public can get full value from its collection.

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