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January 26 2008 at 6:30 PM
Alex Itenson 

Response to Sacred Ground

So what do you suggest? Are you suggesting that we launch a crusade to invade France and recapture Vimy? (we do have one C-17 flying around the county)
Hyping Hitler's respect does not bolster your point of view - most would agree that that guy had a couple of loose screws. (no pun intended)
The French, being the way they are, aren't prone to hyping the fact that we (along with the Americans and British) saved their ass a couple of times. Who knows what Vimy represents to them? After all, it is their country, albeit with a small chunk of what is now Canadian soil contained within.
How do you know that the kinkos intended any disrespect? Maybe they were just horny and the location was convenient. Maybe they weren't aware of what Vimy represents to us Canadians. Who knows what Vimy represents to the French? Does the average Frenchman even know (or care) what took place at Vimy way back when?

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