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Interesting though?

February 3 2008 at 11:16 AM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Kangaroo article.

I think Bill and I have discussed this badge before and it brings up some interesting questions. Who made it and when? If someone is going to reproduce a cap badge, why create a completely new die? Would you not simply just get an impression from an original?

I know that the 1CPB cap badges were restruck after the war and stamped examples were made. Some collectors in the UK state that it was actually the companies that made them during the war that restruck them for collectors etc. after the war. I could find no proof of this. However all of these badges are made using a wartime die or an exact copy of one.

In this case, someone went through the trouble to have a completely different die made. Rather expensive prospect to sell simple reproductions.

It is not impossible that some group had a new die made however I wonder if these reproductions are actually based on an obscure wartime die? Could the die have been made just around the period the Regiment was disbanded and not widely used, or used at all? The original badges were a small contract to Gaunt and were not ordered via Ordnance but via unit funds hence they were made in the UK. What would have prevented another company from making their own die?

Anyway, it would be nice to know who had this die made to produce these badges.

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