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Assumptions and Good Posts

February 4 2008 at 9:47 AM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Let me try. . .

Ok, If I am reading the comments correctly, Clive is stating that it is improbable that the lack of bronze badges had anything to do with cost? If so, it clearly gives the price for each badge made and the lot price in the documents. When you look at the cost for Churchill to make a handful of bronze badges opposed to just issueing his officers brass, you will see what I am saying. As far as wartime cost for officers badges, the price quoted by Gaunt in the UK was huge compared to prices quoted by campanies like Scully in Canada. In fact Gaunt was known for being a bit pricy in both Countries. Remember, this was initially coming out of unit funds at the same time they were buying the NCO badge and the OR's badges. The unit was also paying for its shoulder titles etc. out of unit funds. Apart from cost, Churchill, like other unit Co's who did not have a previous badge, was probably itching to get badges issued for morale purposes and even more likely, to have everyone with a badge to maintain uniformity. If the badges were not very expensive, why do we see officers in 1CPB wearing cap badges without collars and collars wihtout cap badges at Shilo? We know when these pictures were taken, there were sufficient badges in stock. This was because they did not have the cash to buy both at once. This being mentioned by a few of the officers.

As far as photographic evidence goes, it is very plain to see that the officers did not have the bronze badge. In group shots showing all the officers of the unit, there are one or two at most that wear it. I think one is even documented as coming from Churchill. Churhcill does not wear a bronze badge.

The other posters make a good point also regarding the dies. They are absolutely right. Pretty well all badges made in the UK for OR's, were made outside the official system. So it is correct to say, that you might have a Type 1 badge, however apart from a vet prov., you cant prove it was struck wartime. This, I may add, also holds true for the bronze badges as well as any other officers badge made in the UK. So knowing anything about its origin, is a good thing.

I think having forums like this, whether you are talking about camouflage or cap badges, is useful whether you theorize or not because someone might read these threads someday that may have the answer. Or at least be motivated to find the answer. I am sure there are people in the UK that use this site who might have more insight into restrikes etc.

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