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Assumptions, etc...

February 4 2008 at 10:24 AM
Clive M. Law - Service Publications 

Response to Assumptions and Good Posts

Actually, I never addressed bronze badges. What I said was that dies were not as prohibitively expensive as earlier posts suggest.
Just why CACR officers did not buy badges is beyond me but if we are making assumptions I'll throw this one in; CACR officers all came from other units and had already put out for those badges. They knew that the CACR was not going to be a permanent unit. Further, the CACR was formed in NWE and there was little opprtunity to wear Service Dress - yet another reason not to buy into the regalia.
BTW, it seems to me that I have a photo of Churchill in Service Dress at war's end and he is wearing a bronze badge. We know that Churchill was a bit of a badge-hound anyway as he also wore a wire-embroidered CACR badge on his beret.
Insofar as the CPB was concerned, the cost for the badges was more likely due to the Silver content than to the cost of making dies.
I agree with you Ken that these fora are invaluable for the encouragement of discussion on this minutiae.

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