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Fate of Plastic Badges

March 28 2008 at 7:50 AM

Response to Clo/Orders

The fate of the plastic badges is a mystery, but there are some points to consider. First, according to contemporary sources, soldiers didn't like the plastic badges. They were not as durable or attractive as the metal badges, and many soldiers obtained better badges. If the badges were not desireable, there wasn't much the authorities could do. Yes the RSM could order them to be worn, but if they were not popular, the inevitable would result.
In the 60's I was a member of the G&SF. We received our first issue of qc badges and these were of inferior quality. Either the slider broke off or more often the crown. Result, all the guys switched to the kc version, if they could get it. The regiment ordered another run of badges, and when they arrived the old ones were garbaged. Now, if one could get an example of the first issue qc, it would be very scarce. Is this a similar fate that the plastic corps badges met?
In the late 40's and 50's thousands upon thousands of badges were returned to stores and destroyed. (Note the "buired" badges that show up once and awhile on the market.) Maybe the plastic ones were destroyed,and if they were burned, no examples would be surfacing. (Metaphore intended.)
Something to consider.

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