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Gas Cape

May 12 2008 at 9:41 AM
Paul Harrison 

Response to canadian gascape

The only "Canadian" gas Capes that I've seen are a multi-colour pattern with sleeves. They are all C Broad Arrow marked (unless markinga are worn away) on the inside bottom flap (usually in Black), and also the manufacturers details in Yellow or White ink. Also the Brass snaps on Canadian Capes are usually made by United Carr, I'd suspect that Brit ones are NEWEY. Just a guess. While in the UK, I've looked at a few British ones, they are a solid green or brown. I do not have the dates of issue/introduction to svc for any of this at my fingertips. All are a cotton base impregnated with linseed oil as I recall. Mike's Book CANUCK has some good black and white pics of original Canadian capes. For anyone with some military experience, you'll find that the Canadians carried both British and Canadian capes, and very few of these still exist as they become hard and tend to break up. They were used as a lightweight raincoat and it was quite effective. I'm sure that a few of the others on the forum can amplify with additional info. If you are looking to use one for display (rolled, not worn), two of the Gas Helmet covers look the same when stuffed with padding and rolled up. The material is the same as the cape.

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