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WW-I experts- equipment question

August 11 2008 at 4:37 PM
Monty- Convoymagazine 

picked this backboard up years ago at antique store and have for years asked around about it, but have never recieved a reply. Im very curious as to what it is/what's it's specific purpose was.
For years I presumed it was WW-II but upon closer inspection recently, saw a Brit broadarrow, and very faintly the manufacturers initials and what is possibly 1916 or 1918 date.

There are two hooks each top and bottom, and three on each side, facing inward toward the wearer, plus two other horn-like hooks at the top corners parallel to the board (one is bent)

On the wearers main support straps there are two small D-rings facing upward,

Two other straps are hooked on to the top, while you can see two looped straps with carabinier type snaps on the back.

I have never seen anything like this

check out the photos: scroll down a bit to the backboard

any help 1

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