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August 30 2008 at 7:14 AM
A.J. Lockard 

Response to Out of line

Not wanting to extend the drama, I do want to clarify. Having reread your comments to see what lesson could be learned from this exchange, I note, as one usually does, that I may have initially read a harshness into your comments that was not there. However, I also note a misconception in your comments.

If you reread mine you will see that I have not made any negative comments about Chris. I have certainly made some uncomplimentary comments in general, but the only reference I make to Chris specifically is to register surprise in turn at his own surprise not to have heard Mr. Lucy boast about his very proud achievement.

In fact, I've rendered no opinion of Chris personally, despite your impression - though my uncomplimentary opinion of his conduct in this case can probably be surmised. Certainly by someone as intelligent as yourself. That is not the same as having an opinion of him personally. Would that more young men (or women, as the case may be) show an interest in these types of things, which I think we all agree is commendable. But I stand by my opinion that there are appropriate ways of doing these things - friendships notwithstanding. I would not excuse the fellows who stole the Victoria Crosses in New Zealand if it turned out they did so because of a genuine historical interest...

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