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Not a whole lot to compare

September 1 2008 at 11:36 PM
Gord Bennett 

Response to The Canadian Army is based.....

I firmly believe that aside from sharing some of the same equipment types and tactics, our militaries are not very much alike. I agree with Chris in that a traditionally based regimental system is far superior to the US style numbered units when it comes to regimental pride and cohesion. We also have a monarchy to remind us of our origins, as well. Our forces traditionally fight for Queen and country, the honour of the regiment, and for each other.
Another big difference is in our doctrine. The US system is based on blind obedience by large numbers, while in contrast our men are traditionally taught unit pride, personal self discipline, and how to think for themselves on the battlefield as a part of a smaller organization. The Americans know this system works because they form smaller units and call them 'elite' or 'special forces' and expect them to perform better than the average numbered unit. Man for man our 'average' regular fighting men are on par if not superior to the American 'elite' soldiers and certainly far superior to their average soldier. They're looked upon as just US soldiers. That they're attached to the 85th regiment of the 153rd Infantry Division or whatever is inconsequential. They don't fight for the honour and glory of the 85th regiment. They fight for the US Army. Our men fight as Patricias, Royals, Vandoos, Strathconas, etc.

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