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Collection Management

September 2 2008 at 8:50 PM
Brent W 

Response to Collection Management

Your right it can be a bit of a headache but there is no way I would do without it. Jon, I can sympathise with you. Update two pages is twice the work. I basically break my collection down into the following catagories. Item type (ie: Hat/Uniform/Medals/Cloth etc.), item description, purchased from____, price paid, and purchase date. The whole mess is sorted by Item type. If I want to create a second page sorted by say....purchase date, then I simply copy,paste and auto-sort. When I make a new purchase I update my "main" file (which is the one sorted by item type), then create a new second file sorted by price using the aforementioned method and delete the previous file. This may not be the best method but it works for me. Hopefully I'll pick up a few new ideas from future posts. Happy Collecting!

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