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Interesting mix

September 16 2008 at 9:17 PM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to re: swords

I noticed the 2 on the shakos also - but the Little Black Devil is prominent on the belt buckle, and I think on the shoulder belt? Perhaps they have borrowed some kit for the parade? Being somewhat newer than the QOR perhaps the RWR never actually had their own pattern of Shako badge?

The RWR actually had rifle green backed rank badges in the Second World War, so the use of scarlet is very interesting here - the jackets would also appear to be QOR "pattern" if that word is being used correctly, or at the very least the colours are more commonly associated with the QOR and other rifle regiments. The Regina Rifles wore scarlet and black rank badges also which were identical to the QOR as did the other rifle regiments IIRC - Victoria Rifles, Brockville Rifles, Royal Rifles of Canada, etc., though I stand to be corrected on the more obscure ones. I suspect the fellows had a hard time drumming up enough uniform parts up for the display. At least they wear it well and are well turned out. Good for the regiment for keeping the rifle regiment traditions alive

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