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September 18 2008 at 1:47 PM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Re: Canadian Symbols

Kevin, I'm not sure why you're attacking my forum with your comments. You've provided no "insight" into your assertion that the Queen is not a "Canadian symbol" and I think my point that she is more personally visible to many units in Canada than the MND was salient. If you choose to ignore inconvenient posts to make silly statements, that is your choice, but then protesting at being called on your silliness, and then blaming the forum for being nothing more than a "sandbox" when it happens seems itself inappropriate.

Don't take these words as harsh, however. You're entitled to your opinion; I would just rather you have something interesting to say in defence of it. I happen to see the monarchy as a very "Canadian" institution with a long, common history of shared sacrifice and devotion to duty behind it. Nowhere is that more apparent than in matters of military history, though those paths have been quite divergent since 1953 for Canadians and Britons.

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