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Thanks for the Correction

September 18 2008 at 7:03 PM
Geoff Middleton 

Response to Re: Silva

I lost track of which battalion it was then, and my ready reference to those details has passed on now. I miss my Dad. I hope to glom onto his collection of The Patrician, which would have those details.

I remember getting to use Dad's service compass at a cub scout hike in Victoria, but I'm not sure now if I was lent it, or just "borrowed" it. Luckily I brought it back in one piece. Mind you those things were built to take some real abuse and keep going. Not so sure about the little plastic Silvas toughness.

If anyone has a remanufactured Mark III with Canadian service history, it will be Ed or maybe even Doug Townshend that also posts on here. Sometimes Doug has gear for sale too.

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