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November 4 2008 at 8:07 AM
Ken Joyce 

Here is an interesting story about the War of 1812...

"Monument tweaks American noses on War of 1812"

Obviously we won the dang war or we would not be here today! I did some research on the conflict in College and noted that the British won more battles and several were of more strategic importance than those won by the Americans. I also think, but am not sure, that we occupied more US territory during that conflict than the other way around. Also it is a little known fact that, although the US likes to sing songs about the land defeat of the British at New Orleans, the Royal Navy decimated the US fleet during the period of this engagement. This left open the entire sea board of the US to British bombardment and invasion. ( This despite the war actually being over by that time) Attitudes on both sides are interesting. I noted that in our Parliament Buildings, the hall leading into the Library contains a plaque commemorating the war and our victories. It is conveniently hiding behind a door. Would not want to offend anyone. Typically Canadian.

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