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We were definately victorious!

November 6 2008 at 5:34 PM
Gord Bennett 

Response to 1812

The Americans can believe what they like. They obviously forgot that we sacked Washington and burned down their beloved White House.
When the war was declared over, we gave back a helluva-lot more territory that we had taken during the campaign. Funny that most of the people in those conquored parts of the US looked upon us as 'liberators'.
It's amusing reading about their side of the battle of Fort York as well.
Sure, they captured it and looted 'muddy little York'. However, during the battle a fire set off a powder magazine which levelled the fort and killed a large number of the American invaders.
It was definately a military success for the US, but the cost in lives they paid was very high and in the end they held no captured ground.

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