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Devils Brigade

February 14 2009 at 10:01 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Question

Hi Ed

That was interesting, thanks. I know several veterans that were advisors for the film and have quite a few behind the scenes snaps of them on the setin Utah. I was told that the input from vets was largely ignored. This is obviously evident in the movie. You will note the screw up in the script regarding the Canadian CO. Rather than complicate things by telling the truth around the dismissal of the Canadian CO, they had him killed. To this day this confuses people. It was actually the 1st Battalion,2nd Regiment CO that was killed, a Canadian Lt. Col. Thomas Cail MacWilliam. This is why no one ever heard of Colonel Donald Dobie Williamson. I am sure Frederick had a hand in that. If I recall his diary correctly, Frederick was not very happy with the overall movie either.

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