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FSSF in the land of Oz

March 3 2009 at 5:10 PM

Response to Question

Yes, I am well enough versed to understand what Michael and you are stating regarding freedom.

Anyway, in the end, will have to wait and see what Tarantino does with Mr. Pitt and his FSSF iconography.

It seems to me that the authors and producers of Sgt. Rock and other comic's had some sort of sensitivity towards this exact situation. They either did not want to limit their creativity by labelling their characters with the reputation of an actual unit OR they felt it wrong to write fictional stories that may be offensive to a unit that actually existed.

I also understand your statement Michael about being intelligent enough to differentiate between fantasy and reality. However you have to admit that the fantastical world of film is directly responsible for countless falsehoods and outright lies about history. Some of these you yourself might not be aware of. You might come away from a film thinking the Canadian CO of the 1st CSSBn was knocked off at Difensa OR that XXX Corps push to the Rhine was halted so that British tank crews could drink tea!

Anyway I agree Ed, bitching about it will only help them in the end. Sort of like Cinderella Man and Ron Howard's slanderous portrayal of Max Baer. However I think there was a law suit over that.

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