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The Falkland Islands Campaign, 1982.

April 5 2009 at 12:50 PM
Christopher Furlotte 

This month is significant as it's 27 yrs ago of the 1982 Argentine Invasion of the Falkland Islands, (U.K.) April 2nd-14th June 1982.

I remember hearing about a Canadian family living in Port Stanley, on CBC Radio back then, and recently found out another Canadian whom volunteered with the Royal Marine Commando's NP 8901, (Naval Party) during the Invasion.

Was curious to know, if he served with the Canadian Forces previously to this event!?

In the middle of the video show's a big Canadian flag proudly in the midst of British crowd in Portsmouth,England. I also spoke to a Newfoundlander in the CF whom spoke of old Royal Naval veterans in St John's that put outside there homes the good old White Naval Ensign,to show solidarity with the British Peoples in their struggle.


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